Group of cheerful happy students holding international flags and looking at camera leaning on white wall at campus. International education concept

work at the pace you want to

Life at an online school is different from a traditional school setting, as students have to develop good time-management and organization skills, which lead to good work and study habits, both of which are essential to a students success in the online environment. We understand this and our counselors focus on helping our students develop the essential communication skills to interact one on one with their teachers, and develop a structured sense of independence that allows them to take control of the online learning environment.


A day in the life of a student at DIPA is unique, because students have access to the American High School system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We believe that a student should have the opportunity to work the way the fell is best for their schedule, while allowing for the maximization of the time spent when working in the school system.

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