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Providing a pathway for athletes today, to realize their future athletic dreams tomorrow.

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What we do

The DIPA athletic academy was created to help student athletes find a non-traditional pathway for education off the court or field, while following a rigorous schedule on the court or field. After gaining our start with the Diamonds In The Rough athlete recruiting service, we saw that there is need to help students athletes excel not only on the athletic field or court, but to to also excel in the classroom. We realized that many have the dreams of playing their sport professionally, and as a result have the need to attend a school that will allow them to focus and develop that talent. The combination of DIPA learning environment, and the students personal training schedule, DIPA has created a program that allows student-athletes to discover their ultimate potential through athletic training, combined with thorough college-preparatory education.

Our vision ultimately for DIPA, is to become a leader in integrated academics, and athletics development programs. Where our student-athletes will graduate and go on to attend some of the best universities around the world and hopefully compete as the top athletes at the same-time. Check it out at the Dymatak Sports Institute link below.