About Us

about DIPA


High-quality education, your way, on demand.

With a clear vision, and a promise to deliver our students the opportunity to have the best education at their fingertips. DIPA has opened the door to an American online education opportunity that is second to none.

Our Purpose

To provide the opportunity for success, to all that seek to realize their full potential.

At DIPA our purpose is to give all our students the opportunity to live up to their full potential, by taking advantages of the opportunities of today. It is this belief the drives our program and leads us to believe that we are the best place for a student to learn and develop, the skills needed to realize their personal dreams.

Our Core Values

  • Diversity
  • Empathy
  • Equality
  • Innovation
  • Integrity

Our Mission

DIPA will ensure that students graduate as good citizens that are prepared for the transition to higher education, or the next viable step of their career choice.  We will work in partnership with the parents and students and our online education partner AHS, to strengthen and improve the quality of the experience for all that attend DIPA.

Our Mission


To put our students first

At DIPA, we are committed to ensuring our students realize their academic potential. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each student has the opportunity to be successful, in achieving their academic goals.


To offer the best learning pathway

DIPA offers access to AHS, one of the best online learning curriculums, that provides students with the opportunity to master all of the core skills and do it their way, at a pace that is suitable for the optimal conditions for success.


To work with all student types

Whether a student, or student athlete our focus is centered on the belief that every student is provided with the opportunity to master the core skills and concepts needed to take the next step in their education, athletic careers, or both.

Our CEO:

  • Jason R. N. Beneby

    Jason Beneby established the Dymatak International Performance Academy in August 2016. Prior that, Jason served as…

What We Do

  • Outstanding Curriculum Development
    DIPA provides access to a digital curriculum that allows students to fully master the core skills and concepts that foster student development. The curriculum offers a wide spectrum of learning pathways, that support gifted learner, the advanced learner, or the gifted student that excels...
  • Collaborate with our staff
    The counselors and teachers involved in the American High School online program, work together with subject area experts and IT professionals to develop a unique curriculum. A curriculum that supports a distance learning formula, that gives the teachers the freedom to utilize new age...

What We Offer

  • Access to a customized curriculum
  • Adaptive teaching methods
  • Classes for various student learning types
  • Meaningful parent involvement
  • Extensive teacher engagement services
  • Access to an extensive student digital library
  • The latest digital educational platform
  • Well trained counselors to advise students
  • Direct accountability to students & parents