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DIPA - Instructor Lead Silver Package

The Instructor Lead Silver Package:

  • Payment Plan Available
  • Program duration is one school year
  • Up to four (4) credit courses per semester
  • General and "Premium" Elective Courses
  • OnDemand assistance through Ask Real Teachers
  • Full Teacher Support via EMAIL only
  • Complete record keeping
  • Diploma, Transcript, and Graduation Cap and Tassel not included
  • *Honors/AP Courses available but not included in package pricing


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Algebra I

Is algebra keeping you from earning your high school diploma? This engaging and innovative online course can help you conquer your math fears and earn high school credits while working at your own pace. Algebra I: you'll master the concepts and skills you need to solve various real-world and abstract problems. The course covers the topics that will provide a foundation for your understanding of algebra, including integers, solving multi-step equations and linear equations, and working with proportions and ratios, and is divided into four units:

Algebra II

Don't struggle to finish the math you need to earn your high school diploma! With this flexible, innovative online course, you can earn high school credit as you advance your mathematics education at your own pace. Algebra 2. In this course, you'll build on your earlier algebra studies and take on more challenging and rewarding topics, including solving multi-step equations, quadratics, and working with graphic quadratic equations.


Have you struggled with geometry in the past? This course offers a convenient solution for students who need to complete the first semester of geometry but want the flexibility to work at their own pace. In this course, you'll master the geometric relationships and deductive strategies used to solve various real-world and mathematical problems. The course begins with the foundations of geometry and provides an introduction to the most fundamental topics of the subject.



Maybe you've struggled with biology or need to complete this coursework as part of your graduation requirement. This convenient online course provides exploratory experiences and laboratory and real-life applications in the biological sciences. As you explore the biological sciences, you'll gain an understanding of life on Earth. In the first semester, you'll focus on life at its smallest level—the cell—and examine the chemical processes of life.


Gain a solid foundation in chemistry and earn credit toward high school graduation. This convenient online course allows you to work at your own pace while you complete your first semester of chemistry study. In this course, you'll examine the building blocks of matter and learn how atoms and molecules make up the world around you. From the composition of the atom to the periodic table, this course includes everything you need to know about the composition, properties, and changes associated with matter and their applications.

language arts

English I

Earn high school credit as you complete an English literature course requirement—all while you study fiction and drama at your own pace. This innovative online course offers integrated educational experiences in the language arts strands of reading, writing, listening, viewing, speaking, language, and literature. Throughout four units, you'll examine key themes and techniques in literature and master critical reading skills.

English II

Explore literature from around the world as you expand your language arts skills and earn high school credit. This innovative online course allows you to pursue the credit you need while you work at your own pace. You'll develop knowledge of world literature through integrated educational experiences in the language arts strands. Throughout four units, you'll explore the elements of literary writing through the study of two works.

English III

Explore American literature as you earn high school credit and expand your language arts skills. In this innovative online course, you'll study representative American texts that reflect varied cultural influences, highlighting the major genres, themes, subjects, and historical influences associated with this tradition. The course is divided into four units and offers the opportunity to study two major works from the American literary tradition closely.

English IV

Gain an introduction to the rich tradition of British literature as you earn high school credit. In this innovative online course, you'll examine major works of fiction and drama from some of Britain's great authors and develop critical reading skills. In four units, this course covers two major authors from the British tradition.