Curriculum Pathway


Master Schedule

Learning Tracks

DIPA follows the American High School structured and guided learning tracks. For both learning tracks, the parent, student, and dedicated counselor determine the pathway that best meets the student’s needs.

In the “Guided Learning Track” students are an integral part in the development of their study plan in support of their academic needs and timeframes. This track does not require a master schedule.

In the “Structured Learning Track” students follow pacing guidelines in a structured study plan and school work is closely monitored by teachers and his/her counselor. This track requires a master schedule.*

*Students with an IEP/504 and NCAA students seeking to obtain scholarships for college will be required to take the “structured learning track”.

Things to Know:

  • Each block contains one core class per subject (Ex: English, Math, Social Studies, and Science).
  • There are 16 core courses.
  • Generally, the students in each session take the same core courses. This increases the opportunity for student to student interaction, relationship building, and peer collaboration on projects.
  • There will be a mandatory start date and end date divided into three semesters per year: Winter Semester, Summer Semester, and Fall Semester.
  • Each week the Block schedule will alternate. (Example: During week one, Block A meets two times (Tuesday and Thursday). Then, during week two, Block A meets three times (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).