Outstanding Curriculum Development

DIPA provides access to a digital curriculum that allows students to fully master the core skills and concepts that foster student development. The curriculum offers a wide spectrum of learning pathways, that support gifted learner, the advanced learner, or the gifted student that excels in one area but may struggle in another. The curriculum allows the flexibility to learn your way, be it a fast and quick pace, or a moderate pace that requires more assistance. We have a place for you at DIPA.

AT DIPA we provide access to a curriculum for a widely diverse group of learners, that succeed because of the unique approach is taken to teaching. This approach uses the best techniques based on established educational research, to understand how students learn and then provide content that supports that understanding.

This unique approach serves to eliminate obstacles that learners meet in the process, and in turn, allows the opportunity to reach into untapped potential. It's this focus on the learner, who excels because of this teaching approach, coupled with individualized teacher student interactions. That makes DIPA one of the best options for full or part time learners, outside of the traditional classroom environment.

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